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Delicious Gourmet Cookies And Cakes That Make A Lasting Impression

February 4, 2011

More than anything, desserts can easily become one of the greatest gifts that one can give or receive. Classic baked goods like brownies, cookies and cakes can bring smiles to the faces of loved ones and fulfill an appetite for home baked goods. Sweaters, socks and gift cards can come and go, but delicious baked desserts will no doubt make a lasting impression.

Cookies are one of the easiest treats to give as a gift to someone. For one thing, they have a longer shelf life than most baked goods. According to Food Network television personality Alton Brown, cookies can last up to six months, if properly stored in a well-sealed container. They are also relatively easy to make, being made up of primarily flour, eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla and some chocolate chips which is the second most popular cookie behind Oreos.

While not as easily mobile as cookies, cakes are another great gift for people. A little bit more care can go into the transport of cakes, but the visual presentation can be breathtaking. As a baking art form, cake decorating brings some flare and panache to baked goods with the possibilities being limitless. There are a myriad of popular designs that have made their way into cookbooks and the Internet, whether it’s something like a “Star Wars” themed cake or a traditional multi-layered one. While cookies are relatively easier to make than cakes, cakes are often the centerpieces of the dessert table.

Cookies and cakes are among the favorites for many people, but brownies are the understated underdogs of the dessert world. Featuring the moist delicious consistency of a cake, but the portability of a cookie, brownies can have a myriad of toppings like peanuts, almonds, white chocolate chips, gummy worms, sprinkles, or even frosting. They’re actually like mini-cakes, without the visual style of a full-sized one.

Still, even with that tepid description, brownies can go well with vanilla ice cream (a la mode) or even be complimented with cookies and a glass of milk. It’s very much one of the most versatile desserts out there.

The key thing about handing out desserts as gifts to people is that they can be packaged in different ways. Cookie tins are popular for cookies, obviously and cakes are often presented in fashionable pans. Brownies can be packaged in either cookie tins or cake pans. Part of the appeal of giving desserts as gifts, aside from the idea that people appreciate delicious presents, is that there’s a lot of care and personal touch that goes into the actual packaging, therefore, making a lasting impression to the recipient.

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