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Gourmet Cookies, Brownies, Cakes And Popcorn

March 7, 2011

With social gatherings occurring more frequently at home, particularly around the holidays, guests and hosts alike are looking for unique treats, such as gourmet cookies, to share. Goodie baskets, whether filled with a single brownie, small cake or popcorn flavor or a combination of several delicious snacks, are becoming a staple at most parties.

Gourmet cookies have become trendy. Gone are the days of cupcakes, erased by the magical cookie flavors created by bakers. While still delicious, chocolate chip and peanut butter are now “cookie staples” amongst flavors such as cranberry-macadamia nut and pumpkin spice. With cookie aisles and displays being constantly enlarged, it seems that gourmet cookie nibblers are more than happy to snap up these delectables.

Gourmet cookies are not only sold by themselves. Wonderfully, these yummy cookies are included in goodie baskets containing cakes, brownies and even gourmet popcorn. Not only does this create even more choices for the gift-giver or host, but it also allows for a greater variety. Cookie flavors can be matched or contrasted with the saltiness of spicy popcorn or the sweetness or caramel brownies. More variety increases the chances that everyone will enjoy some part of the basket.

Just like cookies, brownies and popcorn flavors are constantly evolving. Brownies have blasted away from the staples of caramel and mint and are now created using roses, hazelnuts and ginger. Individually packaged, these brownies are the perfect size for dessert. Similarly, it is now not uncommon to enter a gourmet popcorn store and see flavors such as spicy pecan, wasabi and ranch alongside staples such as cheddar, butter and caramel. For those who love crunchy popcorn, these flavors are sure to delight your palate.

Goodie baskets and gourmet cookie gifts are inexpensive and welcome at almost every household, making both the gift to give or to offer guests. Customizable flavor baskets make creating a unique display easy and fun and provide a chance to show off your creativity. Moreover, in addition to the uniqueness of the basket’s contents, the basket itself can often be designed just to your liking. Basket colors and filler, ribbon choices and the overall theme of the basket can be fitted to the recipient or party theme.

Another aspect to goodie baskets and gourmet cookies is that they are eco-friendly. The treats themselves are likely to disappear within days and, if not, are freezable for later consumption or biodegradable. Baskets can be reused almost anywhere in a house or refilled and re-gifted. The gift, therefore, is one that will not clutter homes or end up in the trash. This makes giving a gift basket an even better investment.

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