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5 Important Ingredients Used In Baking Delicious Cookies

April 1, 2011

There are many different ingredients in delicious cookies. However, there are five important ingredients commonly found in cookie recipes. In fact, by combining just these five ingredients you can create a basic cookie dough. Add your own mixture of additional baking goods to create a signature cookie recipe.


All-purpose flour is generally used in cookie recipes. It is the largest portion of ingredients in baking delicious cookies. This type of flour is ground finely out of hard or soft wheat. Sometimes it is a blend of both kinds of wheat. Bleached flour is sometimes used instead of all-purpose flour. It is processed and bleached wheat flour. Bleaching agents create an ultra white color and offer additional gluten potential. Occasionally, a cookie recipe will call for cake flour or pastry flour, which have gone through a finer milling process.


Second of the five important ingredients for baking delicious cookies is sugar. White sugar or brown sugar may be called for. Sometimes a mixture of both is required. White table sugar is quite common and can be found at any grocery store. Brown sugar comes in two colors, dark and light. The difference in color is created by the amount of molasses added to refined sugar. This creates a coarser consistency than plain white sugar.

Leavening Agent

Delicious cookies must have a leavening agent added to the recipe so the cookies will rise and be softer. Baking soda or baking powder are the two most common leavening agents used in baking cookies. Sometimes a mixture of the two agents are used. Baking powder is a chemical leavening agent that works by creating carbon dioxide bubbles in the cookie dough. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate also creates carbon dioxide bubbles in a similar fashion to baking powder, but it does not cause the cookie to rise as much.


Cookie recipes generally call for some sort of oil. The oil, added to the other important ingredients, gives the baked cookie a tender consistency. The oil may be in the form of butter, margarine, shortening or cooking oil. The use of each oil gives the cookie a slightly different flavoring. When butter is used, the recipe may call for salted or unsalted butter. If unsalted butter is used, salt must be added to the dough mixture.


Eggs provide the cookie dough with body and they help hold all the ingredients together. The more eggs used in the recipe, the more cake-like texture the baked cookie will take on.

Keep these five important ingredients in your kitchen pantry and you will always be ready to create delicious cookies. It will be your choice to bake a plain cookie or your signature creation.

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