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Three Ways To Help Keep Your Cookies Moist After Baking

April 20, 2011

There is nothing quite like the taste of moist, freshly baked cookies right out of the oven. If you’ve ever made a batch of deliciously moist cookies only to have them harden up into cookie fossils, you’re not alone. The good news is there are three ways to help keep your cookies moist after baking and these little gems of information will ensure the great taste and moistness are retained for days or even weeks after they come out of the oven. This even includes cookies online.

Here is one way to ensure the softest, freshest cookies. Try adding one package of vanilla pudding to the mix when you make them. The ingredients in the pudding will help retain moisture and make some of the softest, moistest cookies you’ve ever tasted. Not only will your cookies taste great, they’ll also have a moist and soft texture that will last for twice as long as any mix without the pudding added to it. So go ahead, try it in your next batch and you could find the missing link to having moist cookies.

Another great way to keep your cookies moist after baking involves a piece of bread. Immediately after baking, allow your cookies to cool completely. Then place them in a plastic sealable container and separate the layers of cookies with wax paper. On the last layer add another piece of wax paper and place a single piece of bread on top. The cookies will absorb the moisture from the bread and will stay moist for much longer. Do not place the piece of bread directly on top of the cookies without wax paper in between or they will become mushy. Replace the bread with a new slice when it becomes stale or hard.

The third way to keep your cookies fresh is to put them in an airtight container, like Tupperware, after they have cooled. Then, place a moist paper towel into the container with the cookies (but not directly on them) and seal the container with a lid. Much like the bread, the cookies will suck in the moisture from the paper towel and will stay moist for much longer. When the paper towel becomes dry and assuming you still have cookies left, go ahead and replace the paper towel with another one that is moist.

Any one of these methods will guarantee your favorite cookies will taste better and stay moist for a long time. Serve them to your guests and discover how long those freshly baked cookies will last, then share your experience with keeping moist cookies online so others can see if it works for them as well.

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