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Three Ways To Make Cookies Stand Out From The Crowd

April 28, 2011

Whether you are making cookies for a birthday party or providing them for a wedding reception, there are a few things you can do to make them stand out from the crowd. Bakeries are raising the bar by using increasingly creative ideas and ingredients. Especially if you look online, cookies are being made to higher and more imaginative standards than ever before. So what can you do to make yours stand out? Follow these simple suggestions and you will soon have people talking about your cookies as if they were the life of the party!

The first thing you can do to when making cookies memorable is to use unique ingredients. There is no need to reinvent the recipe, but by tweaking various ingredients, you can easily create something new and delicious. For example, try adding dried fruits such as apricots or cherries to oatmeal cookies rather than plain raisins. Experiment with adding different nuts to give new life to chocolate chip cookies. For those who want to give their cookies some kick, you can even consider adding some spicy chili powder to the mix when making chocolate cookies. By working in new ingredients, you provide people with a unique flavor experience that will intrigue them!

Another way you can dress up your cookies is by making them colorful. Food dye can be added to sugar cookie recipes, and colored icing always makes a bright statement. Colored sugar crystals can also be purchased and are a beautiful way to dress a cookie for a special occasion like a wedding or holiday event. Alternatively, there is a limitless variety sprinkles in different colors and shapes available for purchase online. Cookies with fun sprinkles will always stand out against a table full of brown, beige, and otherwise colorless companions.

Finally, a great way to make your cookies stand out is to present them in a fun manner. Rather than stacking them haphazardly on a paper plate, give life to your presentation. Placing cookies on a tiered cake or appetizer stand instantly adds dimension and interest to your display. This works especially well if you have multiple types of cookies to display. Another option is to use a beautiful basket or a brightly colored bowl to hold your cookies. Adding colored tissue and ribbon can also help dress up the container and makes an inviting display. Alternatively, bring your holiday cookies to life by stringing them on a piece of ribbon and hanging them from a small tree like ornaments.

By taking the time to address a few simple things like the ingredients, color, and presentation of your cookies, you can ensure they will stand out from the crowd at any gathering!

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