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Cookie Add Ons That Can Be A Great Way To Make Cookies More Fun

May 20, 2011

When baking cookies, jazzing up your cookies with add ons can add flavor, color and texture to any basic cookie recipe. Aside from the common cookie add ons used to decorate sugar cookies such as royal icing, sprinkles and glaze cookies can now be embellished with edible products that enable you to create a more artistically pleasing cookie. Edible glitter, dusting powders and sanding sugars, available in a variety of colors and flavors, can add a nice shimmer to your cookie design. Food color pens allow you to add detail and outline to your cookie creation.

Cookie add on products can be purchased at your local baker supply and craft stores or at online sites specializing in gourmet baking products. Tiny molded sugar decorations, made from finely granulated sugar that is molded into fun shapes can also be purchased for your cookie decoration project as well as fondant, sugar pearls and a wide assortment of sprinkles.

Artistically inclined individuals wishing to create a more personalized cookie might consider the process of transferring a photograph or artwork onto the cookie itself. This can be done by shrinking the selected image and duplicating it onto edible paper using a printer with edible ink. Once dry, the image peels away easily from the baking sheet and you are presented with an edible piece of fine art, almost too pretty to eat.

On a much more basic level cookie add ons can take the form of basic ingredients that are baked directly into the cookie batter or placed on top of a cookie as it is cooling. Candies, nuts and chocolate are common ingredients that blend work well with most cookie recipes. Toffee, dried fruit, peanut brittle, coconut, candied ginger or mini marshmallows will add sweetness and texture to your recipe. For a more visual effect, these add ons work nicely to top off your cookie creations: Hershey’s kiss, peanut butter cups and candy cane pieces.

Stained glass cookies can be created by melting hard candy inside a cookie frame. Flatten a sugar cookie into a basic shape and insert a small cookie cutter in the center. Remove the excess dough formed from the cutter and insert a hard candy in the center. Non edible items can also be added when baking cookies. Turn your cookie into a lollipop by simply inserting a paper lollipop stick into the batter when baking. Another fun and festive way to decorate your cookie is to add miniature birthday candles and umbrellas as your cookie is cooling. Better yet, you can make your own customized decorations to celebrate holidays and special occasions using toothpicks, stickers and colored paper. Insert your creations into your cooling and you’re done.

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