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Great Cookie Ideas For Valentines Day Memories

October 3, 2011

Valentine’s Day cookies are a simple way to make Valentines memories with a significant other, friend, or family member. Cookies are versatile because you can make any kind and you can add any decorations imaginable. Cookie presentation ideas are as numerous as the types of cookies and decorations themselves. For easy Valentine’s Day cookies, there are trays of cookies available from grocery stores or bakeries which can be paired with a small gift such as a stuffed bear, flowers or something personal. In addition, decorations can be added to trays of cookies.

For more personal cookie ideas, you can make your own cookies. A good Valentine’s Day cookie gift may be as simple as your loved one’s favorite type of cookie. To spice it up a bit, you can put the cookies on a plate or a basket that is lined with red, pink and/or white tissue papers. For extra flare you could also add sparkles or candy hearts.

Decorative Valentine’s Day cookies require a little bit more creativity, but anyone can do them. The most common cookie ideas involve making sugar cookies, round or heart-shaped (use a cookie cutter) and decorating them with icing. Use pink, red, and white icing for the standard Valentine’s Day cookies appearance, or use your loved one’s favorite colors to tailor it exactly to them. You can decorate using edible sparkles, sprinkles, chocolate candies, or different types of icing (gel or cream) that can be found easily at any grocery store or party store.

Personalized messages on cookies can be extra-memorable because they are made specially for the person you have in mind. Write a letter on every cookie to spell out a message, or, if the message is long, use a cookie for each word. Letters can be done very easily with the icing tubes that can be found at the grocery store. You can also buy different tips for the icing so each letter has a different ridge or design.

If you’d like to stick to cookies but need a bigger design palette, making a cookie cake is always memorable. You can use regular cookie mix, but instead of dishing out the dough in separate cookies, bake it in a large, shallow round or square pan or dish.
Before you decorate cookies, always make sure they have cooled down so that the icing doesn’t melt right away and run everywhere, creating a sloppy cookie canvas. And don’t forget that in order to make the cookies ultra memorable, it’s about the whole presentation. Don’t just set the cookies on a tray – add tissue paper, flowers, a special basket, or candles.

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