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Three Tips To Help Cookies Come Out Perfectly Every Time

October 9, 2011

Baking cookies can be hard. If done improperly, they can fall apart or stick to the pan. Using wrong ingredients can make something taste flat. Not using ingredients at the right temperature can further create obstacles in making perfect cookies. Even using the wrong baking pan can create a mess of a cookie. By knowing these three tips to baking cookies, you will create the best cookies in town.

The fist trick to making perfect cookies is to measure and use the right kind of flour. While you may use extra chocolate chips or raisins, make sure the flour is always measured correctly. To measure flour correctly, use a spoon to loosen it up. When you have filled the measuring cup, slice the extra flour off with a knife. Make sure you are using the floor called for in the recipe. It might seem like a good idea to substitute all purpose flour with flour that is better for you, but this is a mistake. Using bread or cake flour can make the cookies hard to lay in a pan. By using the correct flour, your cookies will taste and cook deliciously.

Another trick to baking cookies is to use ingredients at room temperature. Butter, for example, should be warmed in the microwave a few seconds so that it is more of a liquid. Sometimes the recipe will call for the dough to be in the refrigerator before or after mixing. This is okay as long as you mix the ingredients at room temperature. Chocolate chip cookies can be placed at room temperature before cooking to create more flatten cookies. Unless specifically stated, keep all ingredients at room temperature.

Using the right baking utensil is essential in making the perfect cookies. Jelly-roll pans are the best, as pans that are thinner can make the cookie have less thickness. Greasing a pan too much will produce the same results. For the best cookie, use light colored cookie sheets, as dark colored will produce a cookie that is dark in color. Another tip is to use something such as an ice-cream scoop to make the cookies even in size. If the cookies are the same size, they will cook evenly at the same time. The right baking utensil can make or break your cookie.

It is possible to bake the perfect cookies. If you follow the instructions and don’t substitute ingredients, the taste of the cookie should excel. By mixing at room temperature, you will create cookies that bake better together. The right cooking utensils will produce the highest quality product. By following these three tips, you will create the most delicious and best looking cookie.

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