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Winter Cookie Favorites The Whole Family Can Enjoy

October 13, 2011

While cookies are delicious anytime, there is something special about enjoying cookies with a mug of hot cocoa or coffee on a cold winter day. Winter cookies serve a double purpose of brightening moods and warming bodies after a chilly weather hike. Get the whole family enjoying these thick, rich cookies on a cold winter day.

Chocolate chip cookies, while popular all year round, are warming, comforting winter cookies. The chocolate bits and buttery, creamy cookie surrounding the chocolate can help to warm even the chilliest of days.

Spicy gingersnap cookies are a nice cold weather cookie. Gingersnaps are light and crispy with a blend of warming ginger and a buttery flavor. Nibble on gingersnaps with a cup of hot tea or snack away with a mug of coffee to chase away the winter blues.

Sugar cookies are a traditional seasonal cookie. Crispy or soft, sugar cookies can be made to suit different taste preferences. Sugar cookies can be cut into shapes and decorated to fit any season, but they are especially suited for sweetening winter’s short days.

Cinnamon oatmeal cookies combine a traditional oatmeal cookie with tangy cinnamon spice. Hearty oatmeal cookies have a buttery flavor and can be part of a filling treat, while the cinnamon offers warmth and a pleasant aroma.

Peanut butter cookies are creamy, buttery, and loaded with protein-rich peanut butter. The real treat of peanut butter cookies is, however, the texture. The cookies are solid but soft, and each crumb that breaks away offers a taste treat the whole family, as long as no one has a peanut allergy, can warm up to on a cold day.

Chocolate or peanut butter no-bake cookies are nice cookies for on-the-go families. No time to run the oven and bake sheet after sheet of cookies? No problem, a pan of no-bake cookies mixes up in minutes, drops onto waxed paper to cool, and is ready to eat in a lot less time than it will take for the snow to melt.

Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting are similar to pumpkin muffins, only flatter. The flavor is reminiscent of carrot cake, but includes the spiciness and creaminess of pumpkin pie or muffins. Frosted pumpkin cookies are hearty, and the cream cheese frosting is reminiscent of candy topping; making them a family pleasing treat.

Each family has its own set of food traditions and favorite flavors, and incorporating those favorites is almost certain to make the cookies a hit. Getting together and enjoying cookies makes a nice way to warm up after a cold day outside, or just to lift a mood on a gloomy, dark winter day.

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