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How To Locate Expensive European Cookies At Low Costs

October 25, 2011

Europe has been the leader in pastries for centuries, and American style cookies do not always meet the demands of the discerning connoisseur. However, the price of finer cookies may place the same connoisseur out of the market, and force the buyer to purchase a lesser product. The ultimate crux of the issue lies in finding European cookies at a low cost. How does one accomplish this goal? Ultimately it is by doing extensive research and locating what you want, at the price you are willing to pay, and jumping on the opportunity when it presents itself.

Essentially, there are a finite number of retailers who will carry the product you are looking for. Cookies are available at any grocery store, but locating the correct product requires finding an establishment that provides a higher quality of merchandise. European cookies will be found at higher end and specialty stores. The higher end stores can be found by an internet search of your area, often focusing on nation specific delis and grocers. Additionally, the higher end grocers will often have an extensive European section that will meet your needs. Lastly, European cookies can be found at chain groceries in wealthier neighborhoods, and in that lies the cost benefit.

Chain groceries will carry higher end products when they serve a higher end clientele. European cookies fall into that higher end product category rather nicely.

Chain groceries are the most likely to have frequent sales. Keep an eye out for these sales, and you will be able to get your desired quality and your desired cost. Purchase in bulk when you identify a deal (or a steal). Keep a close eye on your desired product, and strike when the iron is hot.

This advice would seem to push one towards the bulk stores, however this idea is a red herring. If product quality is what you desire (which is ultimately what European cookies are) along with low price, the warehouse will rob you of that requirement. On line products would also seem to be an option, but quality control is completely outside of the consumer’s hands, so this is obviously not a wise option. What you are looking for is essentially quality and low pricing, and finding the absolutely lowest price can often become a detriment to your initial requirements. 

Lastly, outlets can make for an outstanding savings opportunity, just do not expect to find anything at any given time, or quality. So buy small, sample, and return if the product meets your standards.

European cookies cannot be imitated, so low cost cannot be obtained at all times, but following these simple ideas can allow you success in your search.

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