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3 Ways Diet Cookies Can Be Utilized In New Fitness Regimens

November 2, 2011

The beauty of new fitness regimens is that they allow you to get your cake and eat it too. New diet cookies are formulated to fit into your new diet and fitness program so you won’t feel deprived, meaning you’ll stay on the program longer and see the long-lasting results you were unable to achieve on deprivation diet plans.

There are three ways diet cookies can be utilized in fitness regimens, all of which will increase your chances of remaining on the diet so you can lose that unwanted excess weight.

Use Diet Cookies to Curb Cravings

Many diet programs rely on self-control, deprivation and self-denial as weight loss strategies. They tell you to eat carrots instead of cookies and sweet potatoes instead of sweets. Diet cookies are sweet enough to satisfy cravings without sabotaging your diet plan, meaning you can stick to your diet menu for most of the day, and then pull out a cookie when the cravings for sugar and fat hit you’re the hardest. Eat just enough of the diet cookie to subdue your craving, and then return to your scheduled diet menu until the next craving hits. Diet cookies will get you through those rough patches in your day or week when you just have to have something sweet, without countering all the progress you’ve made all week.

Try Diet Cookies as a Meal Replacement

Sometimes you need to eat while on the go, but you just don’t want to tempt yourself with a calorie-laden restaurant meal or unhealthy fast food. A diet cookie can work as a meal substitute, providing you will fiber, protein, and enough of a carbohydrate boost to make you feel like you’ve indulged. Use diet cookies as a meal replacement in a pinch, or if you feel you need a sweet meal at some point in the day.

Use Diet Cookies Before or After Exercise

Many people feel a need for something sweet before or especially after exercise. Stop yourself before you pile on a plate of pasta or a huge piece of cake, and indulge in diet cookies instead. The diet cookies are formulated such that they will meet your body’s need for extra calories immediately after working out so that you won’t binge when you get home from the gym. Enjoy a diet cookie and at least sixteen ounces of water on your way home from your exercise class, and then prepare and eat a healthy meal for dinner.

As you can see, diet cookies can fit into your fitness regimens naturally, helping you remain on your new plan until you see the results you desire.

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