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Where To Find European Cookies In American Stores

February 2, 2012

You’re craving a cookie like that one you had on your last trip to Europe but the truth is you can’t hop on a plane and fly over there to get one. However, there’s still hope to quench that craving. Many types of European cookies are available in American stores; you just have to know where to look.

The first place to start your search is on the isles of your local grocery store. As our culture has expanded and diversified, the grocery stores have begun to stock items that were previously unavailable. Some stores have extensive sections dedicated to foreign foods and products. It would be a good idea to peruse the items available from the in-store bakery as well. Some American stores have begun to produce several types of European cookies, pastries and breads. You may be surprised to find just the European cookies you are looking for right in your own neighborhood store.

Some of the larger chains of American stores carry quite a variety of European foods but they aren’t always in the neat little section devoted to a specific foreign food. It may take a little searching to discover that the European cookies you are looking for actually are available. Check on the cookie and snack isle. Some of the larger food production companies are beginning to cater to a wider and greatly varied world customer base as well by creating more and more items that are less traditionally American. There are several varieties of European cookies available from these companies. They usually come in smaller, more sophisticated looking packaging and carry a higher price tag. You can also try requesting that your local grocer stock a specific item. Some stores will carry customer requested items if there is a large enough demand, or they will acquire an item for an individual if it is available.

If you check out the local grocery stores and have no luck, there is still hope. There are a variety of specialty import markets and stores that carry goods from all around the world. Many types of European cookies are available in these markets. If you are unaware of any of these markets in your area, go online and do a search to see if there are any. If you wander the isles of a World Market or similar type store, you may be amazed at the variety of European goods available in your area.

You will likely be able to find those European cookies that you are craving if you are willing to search a little. American stores have greatly expanded their offerings to meet the demands of the increasingly diversified customer base.

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