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3 Ways To Get Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes Online

March 20, 2012

Warm chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven are a much loved American treat. Learning to make them in your own kitchen makes for that sought after cookie experience. If your mission is to make the best chocolate chip cookie then check out some online recipes. Online recipes can be hit or miss if you don’t narrow down your choices. Try these three places to get a recipe: cooking or baking blogs, chocolate makers, and member-driven recipe websites.

Blogs devoted to baking are a good place to start when you want to get a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Many blogs post pictures of each step in the recipe, making it easy to make the recipe successfully. The best bloggers test the recipes before posting them. They may also try different products so they can give you recommendations for the ingredients and give you tips for your baking. Readers of the blog often try the recipe and report their experience in the comments section so you have some idea of how successful the recipe might be. 
Many makers of chocolate chips have spent years formulating the perfect recipe to showcase their brand of chocolate. The recipe for their standard version is often called the ultimate or premium cookie recipe. Many of the chocolate makers also post several variations of the standard chocolate chip recipe, so you can experiment and find your favorite version. Try a mainstream brand and compare it to the recipe for a premium chocolate. There are online recipes for many kinds of chocolate chips.

Websites that allow users to upload recipes for others to use can be a great way to choose a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Users rate the online recipes so you can see which ones have the highest ratings. Typically, there is a star or number system. Users try the recipe and rate it so other visitors know how the recipe turned out. This system cuts down on the trial and error way of finding a cookie recipe. Look at the ones that have gotten the best ratings. Also, look at the list of ingredients. The recipes that list real butter and a better brand of chocolate in them are likely to taste better.

When choosing a recipe pay attention to the description. Cookies can have different textures: soft, crispy, chewy. Some recipes include nuts and others add chopped chocolate instead of chocolate chips. Once you find a recipe, you can experiment with ingredients, baking pans and baking times to make the best chocolate chip recipe. The best chocolate chip recipe is, of course, strictly a matter of personal taste.

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