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Making Sure That Cookies And Brownies Stay Fresh

May 13, 2012

Holiday time is near where eating a tasty treat or two is just part of the celebrations. Whether at home, the office, social gatherings or general gift-giving, just about everyone loves fresh cookies and fresh brownies.

However, many of us don’t have the time or resources to bake cookies or fresh brownies every day. Yet, if a person likes to bake, here is an old-fashioned tip that is simple and works for most baked goods.

Using a combination of zippered, plastic food bags and cellophane, these will reduce the amount of air that gets to your goodies, which can eventually make them go stale and tasteless. The trick is to wrap the cookies or brownies individually or as a pair with the flat sides facing one another. Place wrapped food in a bag or sealed container with a single slice of fresh bread. When the first slice begins to go stale, just replace with a fresh slice. This method will keep goods fresh and moist for 2-3 weeks.

Alternatively, if you like your fresh brownies heated, just wrap in cellophane or place in sandwich-size, zippered food bag. Make sure no air can get out before placing in refrigerator. When ready to heat, remove and place on microwave-safe dish and heat for one minute or less, depending on the food’s density.

If you are shipping baked goods to someone, follow the first directions but before placing in a shipping box, place all wrapped goods in a large, zippered food bag. Line box with shipping popcorn or clean grocery bags so that cookies will not break while in transit.

For those who like the taste of fresh brownies and other baked goods but are not that great in the kitchen, you can do the same when buying fresh from a bakery. If you are thinking about having fresh cookies beyond the holidays, cookies can be frozen to guarantee freshness for a few months.

Wrap cookies individually with cellophane, making sure there are no air bubbles and they are completely sealed. Follow with aluminum foil to wrap and seal no more than six pieces neatly. Make sure to use enough foil so as to create folds that will not let air escape. Place in zippered freezer food bag and press down to make sure that bag is airless before placing in freezer.

While the last step may seem tedious, shortcuts are not recommended as using aluminum foil alone for more than a few days can bring a slight aftertaste to fresh cookies and plastic bags do not prevent freezer burn, which can leave food tasteless.

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