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Keeping Cookies Fresh When Buying Online

June 3, 2012

Cookies make people smile. They are a great treat for entertaining and gift giving at holidays or any time of the year. Buying online is an easy and fast way to get delicious cookies to your home and the perfect way to send delightful snacks to your friends. However, one concern when buying online is how to ensure the cookies are fresh when they are delivered. No one wants stale or broken cookies so the trick to successfully buying online is to determine how the distributor is keeping cookies fresh.

When it comes to keeping cookies fresh it is all about the packaging and delivery. Buying online is wonderful, it means that you can get your favorite cookies from anywhere in the world. It also means that the cookies will have to be shipped and therefore they will have to be packaged. To make sure your cookies arrive fresh you should know that they are being packaged well. Choose a distributor who is willing to tell you how the cookies are packaged. Choose a distributor you can trust to deliver your cookies fresh.

The best time to package cookies is shortly after the cookies are baked, but after they have had time to cool, preferably the same day or within 24 hours. Cookies packaged before they are cooled to room temperature could arrive with mold because of the moisture created by the heat.

Packaging should be airtight to avoid staleness. Some distributors achieve this with vacuum sealing, also called a ‘freshness seal’, while others individually wrap the cookies in cellophane or foil to maintain freshness. When ordering multiple types of cookies, ensure that the soft cookies and crisp cookies are not being packaged together. The moisture in the soft cookies will make the crisp ones soft.

One of the best aspects of buying online is that you can select the speed of your delivery. With options such as standard shipping, express shipping and priority shipping, you have flexibility in terms of the speed and price of delivery. Often the fastest shipping option is the best for keeping cookies fresh. However, sometimes, due to vacuum sealing, it does not matter. This is another reason to find out how the cookies will be packaged before you purchase. When sending cookies as gifts some distributors allow you to select the delivery date and then the distributor determines the baking and shipping times to ensure the cookies are delivered fresh.

Keeping cookies fresh can be a challenge when buying online. However, when you are confident in the packaging and trust the distributor to deliver the freshest cookies, you can confidently buy online and get scrumptious cookies quickly and easily.

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