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How To Order Cookie Cakes With Different Flavors And Ingredients

September 20, 2012

Perfect for birthdays, holidays and other celebrations, cookie cakes offer an alternative to layer cakes or sheet cakes. They come in a variety of shapes, including hearts and rounds, and different flavors, such as macadamia nut or oatmeal raisin. Customize cookie cakes with personal greetings and the recipient’s name or select from a range of themes.

Cookie cakes are available through a variety of resources, including online cookie retailers, local bakeries, and grocery store bakeries. Cookie shops and kiosks located at shopping centers and food courts also offer options for purchasing customized cookies.

The traditional flavors for cookie cakes include chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and M&M cookies. Some different flavors and ingredients that are available include brownie chunk cookies, white chocolate macadamia nut, or snickerdoodle cookies. Ginger snap is another popular flavor for the cookie cake. For the health-conscious, look for cookies made from organic and all-natural ingredients. Some bakeries feature cookies that are nut-free, sugar-free, or made with no trans-fats, and even kosher cookies.

After deciding on the cookie flavor, select the size needed based on the number of guests to be served. Cookie cakes range in size from small cookies serving 2 to 4 people to gigantic cookie cakes feeding a group of 45 to 60 people. Popular sizes for round cookies are 12 and 16 inches in diameter, and heart shaped cookies come in similar sizes, including 9 inch and 12 inch versions. Supersize cookie cakes are similar in size to full sheet cakes.

Most cookie cakes come with butter-cream frosting decorations in either vanilla or chocolate flavors. Check with the bakery to see if different flavors are available to complement the cookie flavor. Some bakeries will decorate the cookie with hand molded chocolates and candies designed for a specific theme or event. For a unique option, ask the bakery to include an edible photograph on the cake with the image printed onto a sheet of fondant. Full-service bakeries may offer other variations, including airbrushed or painted images rather than frosting flowers and scrolls.

Cookie cakes require time to create. Be sure to allow sufficient time for placing the order. If ordering from an online cookie retailer, also allow for shipping time. Most cookie cakes ship within 24 hours of placing the order, but require 2 to 3 days for delivery. Because cookie cakes are baked without preservatives, many retailers will not ship cookies on Thursday or Friday to avoid having the package sit in a warehouse or on a truck for several days.

Cookie cakes make a thoughtful and unique way to celebrate an occasion. They come in a variety of different flavors and sizes for any gathering.

Finding Great Tasting Brownies Through Online Stores

August 16, 2012

As the holiday season rolls around again, you may be racking your brain for gift ideas for your friends, family and co workers. A tried and true gift that is always sure to please is the gift of fresh baked goods. There is no need to worry about finding clothing for a friend in the right size or style, and there is no need to deal with pesky gift receipts or wrapping. A gift of great tasting brownies or cookies is sure to please everyone and by using online stores, you can save yourself even more time, money and energy.

There is no denying that the holidays can be a very stressful time. You may find yourself scrambling to find the time to buy gifts for loved ones while still maintaining your normal duties of work and family obligations. Take advantage of online stores to help relieve some of your holiday burden. By buying great tasting brownies and cookies as gifts for your friends and family, you can show them that you care while not adding to your stress level. While you might want to bake holiday treats yourself, the truth is you might simply be unable to find the time. Utilizing online stores to help with your gifts of holiday goodies is a great way to get some of the stress off your shoulders.

Brownies are an ever popular choice of baked goods and are sure to please everyone with their delicious, chocolate gooey goodness. There are a number of online stores who specialize in baking and shipping great tasting brownies. At these websites, you can choose what type of chocolate you prefer as well as any special additions to the brownies, such as nuts, fruits or caramel nougats. Once you’ve chosen what ingredients, you want your great tasting brownies to be made of you can choose packaging and shipping options. You can have your brownies delivered to friends or family in a festive tin or even a basket resplendent with decorations and other tasty treats. You can choose to have your gift arrive at its destination at a specific date and time or within a more general time period if you’re not in a rush.

It’s important to do a little research before spending money on your baked goodies. There are many online stores vying for your business and you want to be certain that you are getting the best product and the best deal possible. Check online specials and reviews to find special deals as well as customer feedback that will help you decided which company to go with. With just a little research, you can provide stress free gifts for your friends and family.

Finding The Best Fresh Cookies Online

July 17, 2012

One of the most in demand type of snack is the cookie. There are few people who don’t recognize the greatness of these hand held delectable desserts. The varieties are endless in the type of cookies available, but the path to finding the best cookies is sometimes less clear. Finding the best fresh cookies online is simple if the right methods are used.

Most people realize that the best cookies are going to be recognized and exalted by cookie connoisseurs everywhere. It is not unusual for people to order fresh cookies from across the world. The trick is finding out where the cookie enthusiasts are. This is simpler than you think. Instead of looking for the best cookies by advertising created through a web search, go to places where the experts go. The online community for cooking is diverse and informative, and after a little research, there are people on these cooking forums that get together to endorse the best fresh cookies available. These forums can be online social communities, but also more informative leads would be found in blogs that are filled with suggestions from people in all walks of life who agree on the best cookies available online.

If there is a cookie company advertised online that has piqued the interest of someone, it is best to check out reviews on the company. By going online to a consumer review advocate a lot of evaluations of customers who have actually purchased goods from online cookie companies can be obtained. It is also a good way to find other companies who sell the best cookies online because competitors will also be listed for comparison purposes. These evaluations will often include information on how efficiently the package was shipped, what the customer service is like and how great tasting the cookie is. When someone is looking for the best fresh cookies online, it is sound business practice to check here anyway.

Many people are interested in buying locally whenever possible. Information pertinent to this can also be obtained online. The key is to isolate searches to the geographical area that is required, and find an existing network for that area. There are usually small business networks available for most major cities and small towns and they are very receptive to inquiries of group recommendations. Word spreads quickly amongst these networks as to who provides the best quality products, and cookies are a staple in every locale that has bakeries.

Finding the best fresh cookies online can be quite the task. By following these techniques, the best cookies will be easier to isolate. Extra research on these cookies will ensure that enjoying them will be so much more rewarding.

Keeping Cookies Fresh When Buying Online

June 3, 2012

Cookies make people smile. They are a great treat for entertaining and gift giving at holidays or any time of the year. Buying online is an easy and fast way to get delicious cookies to your home and the perfect way to send delightful snacks to your friends. However, one concern when buying online is how to ensure the cookies are fresh when they are delivered. No one wants stale or broken cookies so the trick to successfully buying online is to determine how the distributor is keeping cookies fresh.

When it comes to keeping cookies fresh it is all about the packaging and delivery. Buying online is wonderful, it means that you can get your favorite cookies from anywhere in the world. It also means that the cookies will have to be shipped and therefore they will have to be packaged. To make sure your cookies arrive fresh you should know that they are being packaged well. Choose a distributor who is willing to tell you how the cookies are packaged. Choose a distributor you can trust to deliver your cookies fresh.

The best time to package cookies is shortly after the cookies are baked, but after they have had time to cool, preferably the same day or within 24 hours. Cookies packaged before they are cooled to room temperature could arrive with mold because of the moisture created by the heat.

Packaging should be airtight to avoid staleness. Some distributors achieve this with vacuum sealing, also called a ‘freshness seal’, while others individually wrap the cookies in cellophane or foil to maintain freshness. When ordering multiple types of cookies, ensure that the soft cookies and crisp cookies are not being packaged together. The moisture in the soft cookies will make the crisp ones soft.

One of the best aspects of buying online is that you can select the speed of your delivery. With options such as standard shipping, express shipping and priority shipping, you have flexibility in terms of the speed and price of delivery. Often the fastest shipping option is the best for keeping cookies fresh. However, sometimes, due to vacuum sealing, it does not matter. This is another reason to find out how the cookies will be packaged before you purchase. When sending cookies as gifts some distributors allow you to select the delivery date and then the distributor determines the baking and shipping times to ensure the cookies are delivered fresh.

Keeping cookies fresh can be a challenge when buying online. However, when you are confident in the packaging and trust the distributor to deliver the freshest cookies, you can confidently buy online and get scrumptious cookies quickly and easily.

Making Sure That Cookies And Brownies Stay Fresh

May 13, 2012

Holiday time is near where eating a tasty treat or two is just part of the celebrations. Whether at home, the office, social gatherings or general gift-giving, just about everyone loves fresh cookies and fresh brownies.

However, many of us don’t have the time or resources to bake cookies or fresh brownies every day. Yet, if a person likes to bake, here is an old-fashioned tip that is simple and works for most baked goods.

Using a combination of zippered, plastic food bags and cellophane, these will reduce the amount of air that gets to your goodies, which can eventually make them go stale and tasteless. The trick is to wrap the cookies or brownies individually or as a pair with the flat sides facing one another. Place wrapped food in a bag or sealed container with a single slice of fresh bread. When the first slice begins to go stale, just replace with a fresh slice. This method will keep goods fresh and moist for 2-3 weeks.

Alternatively, if you like your fresh brownies heated, just wrap in cellophane or place in sandwich-size, zippered food bag. Make sure no air can get out before placing in refrigerator. When ready to heat, remove and place on microwave-safe dish and heat for one minute or less, depending on the food’s density.

If you are shipping baked goods to someone, follow the first directions but before placing in a shipping box, place all wrapped goods in a large, zippered food bag. Line box with shipping popcorn or clean grocery bags so that cookies will not break while in transit.

For those who like the taste of fresh brownies and other baked goods but are not that great in the kitchen, you can do the same when buying fresh from a bakery. If you are thinking about having fresh cookies beyond the holidays, cookies can be frozen to guarantee freshness for a few months.

Wrap cookies individually with cellophane, making sure there are no air bubbles and they are completely sealed. Follow with aluminum foil to wrap and seal no more than six pieces neatly. Make sure to use enough foil so as to create folds that will not let air escape. Place in zippered freezer food bag and press down to make sure that bag is airless before placing in freezer.

While the last step may seem tedious, shortcuts are not recommended as using aluminum foil alone for more than a few days can bring a slight aftertaste to fresh cookies and plastic bags do not prevent freezer burn, which can leave food tasteless.

Using The Internet To Buy Cookies For Your Next Party

April 23, 2012

Cookie bakeries and retail shops provide numerous options to order cookies for a party. An easy way to prepare for your next party is to buy cookies online. Select from trays and baskets in a variety of cookie flavors or giant cookies and cookie cakes customized for a specific event or holiday. Using the internet to buy cookies also presents opportunities to compare availability, flavors, and delivery options.

Cookie bakeries of all sizes have a presence on the internet, making it simple to find and order cookies for a party. Cookies are prepared and shipped quickly after receiving the order, and they are received fresh and ready to serve. Enjoy cookies that come in traditional homemade flavors, such as chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin, or in more exotic flavors, such as anise and citrus.

Look for European and artisanal cookies on the internet for unusual cookies for a party. They feature cookies made by hand in small batches, similar to homemade varieties. These types of cookies generally feature all-natural and organic ingredients and no preservatives in their preparation. You can buy artisanal cookies in seasonal varieties as well as special diet cookies, such as fat-free or gluten-free cookies.

Some bakeries combine options to order and buy cookies online with a local storefront. They feature a full range of gourmet cookies, cookie baskets, and gift boxes. These shops also offer some services for preparing and catering parties. You can check availability, services, and prices online before making a decision and ordering.

Cookie bouquets are popular choices for parties, and make colorful centerpieces for the food table. Cookies are hand decorated to match any occasion, including birthdays, bridal and baby showers and holidays. Many cookie bouquet companies can deliver orders the same day as placed or by the next day. Custom designed cookies are also available for special events, but may require an extra day or two for ordering and delivery.

Cookie party favors are another possibility for cookies for a party. Select cookies in shapes and colors to complement the party’s theme. For example, buy cookies for each guest shaped like baby carriages and baby bottles for a baby shower, or shaped like wedding cakes for a bridal shower. Many internet cookie sellers will personalize cookie favors for the event.

Ordering cookies online is an easy process. After reading through descriptions and making your choices, fill out the online forms with quantities, flavors, and indicate personal messages. The cookie shops accept a variety of forms of payment, including credit and debit cards, when you buy cookies over the internet. Cookies are shipped by carriers featuring overnight and 2-day delivery to ensure freshness.

3 Ways To Get Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes Online

March 20, 2012

Warm chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven are a much loved American treat. Learning to make them in your own kitchen makes for that sought after cookie experience. If your mission is to make the best chocolate chip cookie then check out some online recipes. Online recipes can be hit or miss if you don’t narrow down your choices. Try these three places to get a recipe: cooking or baking blogs, chocolate makers, and member-driven recipe websites.

Blogs devoted to baking are a good place to start when you want to get a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Many blogs post pictures of each step in the recipe, making it easy to make the recipe successfully. The best bloggers test the recipes before posting them. They may also try different products so they can give you recommendations for the ingredients and give you tips for your baking. Readers of the blog often try the recipe and report their experience in the comments section so you have some idea of how successful the recipe might be. 
Many makers of chocolate chips have spent years formulating the perfect recipe to showcase their brand of chocolate. The recipe for their standard version is often called the ultimate or premium cookie recipe. Many of the chocolate makers also post several variations of the standard chocolate chip recipe, so you can experiment and find your favorite version. Try a mainstream brand and compare it to the recipe for a premium chocolate. There are online recipes for many kinds of chocolate chips.

Websites that allow users to upload recipes for others to use can be a great way to choose a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Users rate the online recipes so you can see which ones have the highest ratings. Typically, there is a star or number system. Users try the recipe and rate it so other visitors know how the recipe turned out. This system cuts down on the trial and error way of finding a cookie recipe. Look at the ones that have gotten the best ratings. Also, look at the list of ingredients. The recipes that list real butter and a better brand of chocolate in them are likely to taste better.

When choosing a recipe pay attention to the description. Cookies can have different textures: soft, crispy, chewy. Some recipes include nuts and others add chopped chocolate instead of chocolate chips. Once you find a recipe, you can experiment with ingredients, baking pans and baking times to make the best chocolate chip recipe. The best chocolate chip recipe is, of course, strictly a matter of personal taste.