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Mmmmmm….. Cookies

August 1, 2014

We hope you enjoy the cookies as much as we do! #Cookies @CookiesDotCom

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3 Ways To Order Extravagant Cookie Baskets For Corporate Parties

January 10, 2013

In today’s difficult economic climate, employers and business owners are trying to stretch their budgets as far as they can. A large component of making sure that a business is profitable and productive is ensuring that employees are profitable and productive. Several recent studies have shown that rather than harassing employees to promote productivity; it is far more effective to ensure that employees are happy, rested and have a sense of worth and enjoyment in their work. To this effect, many companies have implemented such tactics as optional naptimes throughout the workday, short aerobics sessions and even corporate parties. All of these activities are designed to make employees happier and therefore more productive. By treating employees to periodic corporate parties, catered by excellent chefs and featuring novelty desserts such as cookie baskets, companies can help their employees to be more profitable and productive.

Showing your staff that they are truly appreciated at corporate parties can be easy when you use extravagant cookie baskets to impress your guests. These gourmet cookie baskets come with a variety of delicious cookies in a myriad flavors of your choice. The baskets themselves can also be color coded to suit the theme of your party and you can even have the cookie basket company decorate the basket with your corporate logo. There is no question that cookie baskets are a big hit; impressive, delicious and fun. To make the deal even sweeter, ordering your cookie baskets can be quick and simple.

There are several ways to order your cookie baskets. You can order off a company’s website, using the internet. You can also order by phone. Lastly, you can order using a mail in catalog order form. With any of these methods, you will be able to view details of the cookie baskets. You will be able to view photos of sample baskets in the catalog or on the website. You will also be able to choose what particular flavors of cookies you want in your basket as well as how many cookies of each flavor. You will then be able to further customize your basket with ribbons, decorations, specific colors and photos or logos that you may want to represent.

If you are in no real hurry and have planned your corporate party in advance, you might prefer to order by calling the company’s toll free number. This way you will get to speak with a customer service representative or salesperson that will be able to walk you through the ordering process and answer any questions you might have. If you are in pressed for time, however, you may want to use the website as this automated process is usually considerably expedited.

How To Customize Cookie Bouquet And Cake Orders Online

January 8, 2013

Ordering a cookie bouquet or a cake online presents an opportunity to send a unique gift for a birthday or other special occasion. Customize the cake orders or cookies to include a personalized message or decorated in favorite colors. Cookie bouquets and cakes are available from a wide range of online bakeries and gourmet gift shops.

Cookie bouquets come in a variety of flavors. Choose from traditional favorites including chocolate chip, shortbread, or sugar cookies. Other flavors include white chocolate chunk with pecans or with macadamia nuts, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter. Some online cookie bakeries offer sugar-free, gluten-free and fat-free varieties for the health conscious.

Select from shaped cookies based on a theme, such as poinsettias for the holidays or shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. Shaped cookie bouquets are available in either shortbread or sugar cookie versions. The shaped cookies are frosted and piped with royal icing to match the specified theme. Include a personal message for the recipient as a focal point of the cookie bouquet.

Another option is to order a cookie bouquet with individually wrapped cookies. Cookies are artfully arranged in a basket or vase for gift giving or for display on a buffet table. Order the cookies in a single flavor or as an assortment. Coordinate the cellophane wrapping to the event.

For a different approach, place online cake orders as a special gift idea. Like cookie bouquets, the cakes are available in numerous flavors and styles. Choose traditional favorites, such as chocolate, vanilla, and marble layer cakes; red velvet cake is another popular choice. Layers are filled with chocolate ganache, fruit preserves or butter cream frosting. Hazelnut, peppermint, cappuccino, and coconut are among the range of other flavorings readily available.

Gourmet bakeries and food shops offer a selection of layer cakes covered in fondant to look like wrapped presents or seasonal figures, such as snowmen or pumpkins. They are decorated with edible embellishments and can serve as a centerpiece for a holiday table.

Layer cakes are not the only option for online cake orders. Send a cheesecake or a bundt cake for a change from the standard decorated layer cake. Order mini cakes or cupcakes in an assortment of flavors for a change of pace. During the holiday season Buche de Noel cakes make a welcome gift. Multi-layer tortes present another alternative to a more traditional cake order.

Online cookie bouquets and cake orders ship quickly, usually within 24 to 48 hours after the order is received. For customized orders, be sure to allow additional time. Some online bakeries offer same-day delivery if they have a local storefront. To preserve freshness cake orders are generally shipped frozen.

How Gluten Free Cookies Have Impacted The Cookie Market

January 4, 2013

Marketing, regardless of the product or service, has always been a matter of finding a need, or niche, and filling it. Filling the need for tasty gluten free cookies has been a challenge for the cookie market for almost as long as there has been a cookie market. However, the challenge has been viewed by cookie manufacturers, large and small, as an opportunity to be creative and offer variety to their customers. Along the way, the challenge of creating gluten free cookies to rival some of the classic wheat based favorites has helped expand the cookie market in other specialized niche areas too.

Gluten, from Latin “gluten,” meaning glue, is found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye. It is in traditional flour, a main ingredient in cookies. Since up to 1 percent of the population is gluten intolerant, those people used to have to avoid not only cookies, but also bread and other staples most people take for granted. Over time, innovative and creative manufactures were able to come up with substitutes for traditional ingredients, such as gluten free flour and gluten free egg substitute.

After developing a basic cookie that was gluten free, creative gluten free cookie manufacturers collaborated with other niche manufacturers to solve mutual problems, such as taste and marketing. For example, manufacturing gluten free cookies is compatible with manufacturing cookies for people with food allergies such as allergies to milk, eggs, groundnuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soya and wheat. Thus, a cookie marketed as a gluten free cookie can also be marketed as an egg free cookie or a nut free cookie. Vegan cookies are free of any ingredients in any way derived from animals. Other overlapping categories of consumer niches would include people watching their cholesterol intake, observing kosher pareve, or children with autism.

The process of borrowing between niche manufacturers to find substitutes for traditional ingredients and ingredients that are tasty have led to cookies that are comparable to traditional wheat based classics. Gluten free oatmeal cookies, gluten free sugar cookies and gluten free chocolate chip cookies rival their wheat based counterparts in taste so much so that traditional consumers often buy them for the taste. This expansion and variety has allowed coffee shops, supermarkets, farmer’s markets and others that sell other gluten free, natural or otherwise healthy products to offer a greater variety to their customers.

The gluten free market is estimated to reach $3 billion by 2014. Manufacturers of gluten free cookies collaborating with other niche manufacturers like those marketing kosher, organic or products low in cholesterol, will have played a significant role in that growth by influencing the expansion of choice offered to consumers within the cookie market and beyond.

How To Find Authentic English Tea Biscuits For Your Tea Parties

December 14, 2012

A tea party is suitable for many celebrations. It’s an ideal format for parties, formal occasions and even casual gatherings. The tradition of afternoon tea developed in Great Britain in the 19th century and was mainly confined to the aristocrats and their leisurely lifestyles. In England today, both men and women of all classes enjoy tea parties and it is often used as an occasion for entertaining business clients. Before the custom evolved into an elegant affair with sandwiches, scones, cakes, pastries, fruit and a selection of jams and preserves, the standard menu items of any proper tea party were the English biscuits.

The tea biscuit is a staple of English tea drinking rituals. In Britain, the English tea biscuit has a strong cultural identity as the traditional accompaniment to a cup of tea. Unlike an American version of the biscuit, which is more like a scone with soft leavened bread, the English tea biscuit is a small hard, sweetened flour base, similar to a cookie. The typical English tea biscuit is made with real butter and contains coarse brown wheat flour, sugar, baking soda and salt. They are flaky, whole-wheat biscuits with a great crumbly taste. Many of the drinkers dip their biscuits in tea, allowing them to absorb liquid and soften just a bit before eating.

In the United States, English biscuits are widely available in imported food sections of grocery stores. Many stores have a section devoted to ethnic cuisine where foods from other countries can be found. English teas are also available in the beverage aisle of most grocery stores. Albertson’s is one of the larger supermarkets that carries English tea biscuits. Sometimes the biscuits are sold under a particular chain supermarket’s name. Stores like Walmart and Target also carry basic British foods, such as snack foods, crackers and cookies, as well as European candies. Walmart produces a brand of tea biscuits called Mary B’s. Cost Plus World Marketplace, known for its selection of international artifacts and food products, sells a variety of products suitable for tea parties, including English tea biscuits. Specialty food stores, more commonly located in major cities, are another great source for finding the perfect box of English tea biscuits.

A much larger selection of foods can be found online. If you plan well enough ahead, online retailers are the best way to go when you’re looking for specific British food items. Several great websites sell beverages, desserts, seasonings, preserves and many other everyday cooking ingredients. A few carry spices, preserves and snacks.

How To Access Online Recipes For Thanksgiving Cookies And Snacks

November 10, 2012

It is that time of year again; time to break out the Thanksgiving cookies. Never imagined Thanksgiving cookies? Well-decorated cookies are not just for Christmas anymore. Thanksgiving cookies are a great way to dress up the dessert table, give the kids something fun to make while the holiday dinner is cooking, or just give the family another way to enjoy cookies. In addition, Thanksgiving snacks make great appetizers. Alternatively, they can make great next day treats from your leftovers. What could be better than a Thanksgiving cookie or snack? Need ideas? Not the creative type? There is an easy way to find recipes and ideas for Thanksgiving cookies and snacks, check for online recipes.

If you want to give your Thanksgiving an authentic, decorative touch-up, or you want to start a new tradition or need a little help to make your Thanksgiving food choices even better, then online recipes are an easy answer. Foods just look better with a great presentation, too.

Online recipes range from old favorites made from scratch and then dressed up turkey or pilgrim style, to new and fun ways to put together already made treats in Thanksgiving fashion. Cookies and snacks are great anytime. Moreover, giving your favorites a Thanksgiving theme is a fun way to add flair to your holiday.

Many of the magazines, grocery chains, cookbooks, and cookie manufacturers offer free online recipes. Blogs have also become a great place to find recipes and ideas. Many of these offer pictures and great systematic instructions so you can do it yourself. So cue up your favorite search engine. Then simply type in the name of your favorite cookie or snack and add Thanksgiving. Need more options?

Try these key word searches to help narrow down your choices. If time is a factor, do not be afraid to access recipes designed for kids. Many options are available. Type any of terms you can think of and any combination of the words, into your search engine. It is simply a matter of taking the time to go online and find exactly what you are looking for. You can even go to a local store and see if they have an online website you can visit so that you do not have to buy your cookies right there and then.

Online recipes for Thanksgiving cookies and snacks are as easy to find as some of them are to make. Add fall colors or words of thanks, get the family involved, and you have great appetizers, deserts, or gifts all made in Thanksgiving style. Add a new treat or two to your Thanksgiving holiday season. The ideas are just a few clicks away.

How To Locate Delicious Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies Online

October 7, 2012

The Internet provides a wealth of recipes for would-be and advanced chefs looking for recipes like gluten free peanut butter cookies. Traditional peanut butter cookies call for flour, which can irritate the digestive systems of people who are gluten intolerant, have celiac disease or who have irritable bowel syndrome. In addition, some people have decided to try gluten free peanut butter cookies as a way to improve their diet.

What to Look For 

The most important thing in a gluten free cookie is the lack of a certain ingredient: flour. Flour is what irritates the digestive system in people with celiac disease, and it can also cause other issues for people with digestive problems. Most baking recipes that are gluten free will have a substitute flour product that is not made from wheat. There are several different flour options to choose from, with each one having slightly different properties. Some flour choices for gluten free peanut butter cookies include amaranth flour, white rice flour, brown rice flour, corn flour, millet flour, and potato flour. Be sure to check the characteristics of your chosen flour before baking the peanut butter cookies.

Where to Look

When you start your search for the perfect peanut butter cookies, it is important to consider the characteristics that you want in your cookies. Choosing alternative flour, which is the first step to making gluten free cookies, will impart different flavors and textures. Finding the right combination of texture and flavor will go a long way to enhancing your cookies.

Cookbooks can be a great source of information for baking, and if you can find a gluten free cookbook you will certainly be able to make peanut butter gluten free cookies. Cookbooks are usually edited and the recipes have undergone extensive testing.

Cooking websites are a great way to find recipes. Many of these sites have recipe search options will give you the ability to find exactly what you are looking for. Cooking websites also feature user reviews and comments. These comments will usually go a long way in telling you how the cookies will taste. Cooking sites are also endorsed by large companies and may have professional chefs contributing.

Another good source of information about baking gluten free peanut butter cookies is cooking blogs. Cooking blogs will usually provide personalized recipes that the blog writer has made and had success with themselves. When searching blogs, look for a blog that has regular postings and that has been updated within the last week or two. This helps to ensure that the content is posted by someone who has actually made the recipe and can vouch for its quality.